Friday, April 6, 2012

Mia's 7th Birthday Party

For Mia's 7th Birthday party, she wanted a Justin Beeber party. Our compromise was a Rock Star theme;-)
Mia enjoyed making the invitations.

Rock Star cupcakes with "microphones" on top.

We decorated the walls and tables with pictures and posters of pop stars from a magazine.

When the girls first arrived, they had to decorate their microphones (made from toilet paper rolls, aluminum foil, and electrical tape) with stickers and jewels.
The Stage- (the back drop is now hanging over Mia's bedroom door)

What Rock Star party is complete without the red carpet, VIP list, and Bling to put on? The girls got to take the star with their name on it hoem to hang in their rooms.

Pin the sunglasses on JB

Luckily it was warm enough to go outside for a bit, their was a little too much energy in their to be contained in doors.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

First hike!

 So, we're much more settled now. Erik and the girls are busy with school and work. I am busy healing from my surgery. Two weeks out tomorrow! Then I get to start doing a tiny bit more. I have been allowed to start taking walks, 2 miles per day has been encouraged by my surgeon.

 Yesterday was the 1st day that we'd gotten out for a walk somewhere besides our neighborhood. It was Heaven! The temperature was around 50, the sun was out, a bit windy, but just beautiful! We decided to check out a paved trail (a bit too muddy out with all the snow melting) just about 5 miles from our house.
 Our goal was to go just to a train trestle that we had seen in the distance. As we approached the trestle, we could hear running water, so we decided to go a little further just to see what it was. We were so happy that we did! As we walked up to a little valley just off the trail, we could see the brook. Resting at the brook, was a female moose!
Our attempt to take a picture of the moose.
 She looked at us and decided to get up and walk up the other side of the valley, just to be a little further away from us. (I was glad about that, because I had images of the story that Erik told about being chased by a mad mommy moose when he was in Canada during college.) Unfortunately, the sun was facing us, so our attempt at capturing her on the camera failed. What a neat experience though!

Stop to enjoy the view.

Mia's biggest climb ever!! She was very proud.
  Erik decided that the trail just wasn't exciting enough, so he and the girls climbed up a little ways to explore. I kept my post-surgical self down on flat ground. After taking a few pictures, I had to walk ahead because it was a little too much to see my babies up so high! We all survived.:-)
Paige enjoyed the exploratory climb. She stayed well ahead of the other two.

Monday, February 20, 2012

So, we've been in the house for 3 weeks now. Pretty much everything is in it's place for now. It feels like it's been so much longer than 3 weeks. We've slowed down a lot since that initial burst of trying to get things in place for the house to be liveable. Not taken many new pics, will make sure to before my next post.
The place we settled into is in a nice little community. Used to be military housing, so it's just a little neighborhood of houses and duplexes that all look alike. It's only a 15 minute drive to downtown Spokane, but a nice drive, starting in a more country-type setting, and then a plunge into the city. (the main exit that we take into downtown I have lovingly dubbed "Hobo Central")